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To Feel the Edge of Heaven

Shavha tipped her head toward the heavens. As she gazed across the cosmos a single star fell from its lofty perch, streaking across the sky before crashing into the horizon. Shavha tugged on the sash trailing from her father’s robes. “Did you see that father? A star fell from heaven.” Vhasam halted his march and […]

The Peaceful

“Our souls to be free and our hearts to mend, For the beauty of life is in its end.” The holiest day for the Peaceful began with a resounding boom that echoed in the narrow valley. Frost clung to the hard ground but still the birds sang their songs. He sat on his mat with […]

How the Sun Found the Moon

When time was new and life begun There was the Earth, the Moon, the Sun. Three dancers fair, their story old And yet it’s never truly told. So heed my word and listen true: Of how the Sun found the Moon. The Sun was strong and centred all, His great light strong and powerful. The […]

Teach Me the Angel’s Song

I found myself floating just off the floor of a vast ocean surrounded by the sound of a distant rhythmic song. The singing grew closer, rising from directly beneath my location. Unnerved, I crouched for cover behind a large tree-like growth topped by a blood-red cap. The sounds continued to intensify before culminating in a […]

The River of Dreams

I I dread the dawn. I awake and keep my eyes closed. I hope that I can shut the day out and fall back to sleep but memory and fear rush in and I open my eyes to see the empty floor of dirt and straw. I hear only stillness echoing off the cracking walls. […]

The Nine Children of God

Long ago, God’s children nine played a game. What began in wonder, ended in shame. “Come, all of us brothers and sisters nine, Let us make a World of our own design.” Standing with hands entwined, their game began: They danced and sang and played and ran. As they spun and whirled and twirled, Before […]