Teach Me the Angel’s Song

I found myself floating just off the floor of a vast ocean surrounded by the sound of a distant rhythmic song.

The singing grew closer, rising from directly beneath my location. Unnerved, I crouched for cover behind a large tree-like growth topped by a blood-red cap. The sounds continued to intensify before culminating in a crescendo of erupting sand. Over a dozen creatures burst out from small caves surrounding my position along the ocean floor, each tracing spiraling patterns as they swam through the deep blue water. Their upper bodies somewhat resembled my own, with the exception being arms that ending in billowing fins and waists connecting to sweeping tails.

Continuing their song the creatures began swimming in synchronized patterns that matched inflections in their music. I watched the dance for what seemed like hours, losing myself in their combination of song and rehearsed movement. A sharp change in tone and rhythm was my only warning before they darted out of view, leaving behind a line of blood-colored smoke. Concerned, I propelled myself in pursuit along the lingering trail.

Eventually I caught up to the group and found they had stopped and formed a large ring with a single form at its center. The central figure was smaller than the rest. A child. It moved its arms through the water trailing cryptic, smokey patterns. The adults forming the ring continued chanting and I saw the spectacle for what it was. A ritual. Held in each of the child’s fin-covered hands were chunks of what I recognized as the tree-like plant I took refuge under just moments ago. Each movement left trailing patterns of blood-red spores that drifted downward toward a gaping chasm in the ocean floor.

That’s when I heard it. A deep, echoing call from within the void beneath us.

The ring of creatures continued chanting, tuning their song to align with this new booming voice. As the ritual reached a fever pitch a beast erupted from the abyss, drinking in the trail of
blood-red spores. Abandoning their circle, the creatures began swimming alongside the behemoth continuing their song while hugging its flanks.

The creatures again altered the song’s tune, this time creating a gently undulating rhythm akin to a lullaby. This song had a soothing effect on the behemoth which began to slow its travel before ultimately coming to rest in the middle of the open water. Most of the creatures continued singing while a couple – the child included – moved toward the front of the slumbering monster. The two creatures guiding the child began to chant, repeating the same two syllables over and over.

Oohm Ah. Oohm Ah. Oohm Ah.

One by one the other creatures abandoned their soothing lullaby in favor of this new chant.

Oohm Ah. Oohm Ah. Oohm Ah.

The child made its way closer to the slumbering giant until its head and the behemoth’s were almost touching. The chanting grew and caught up in the ritual I found myself whispering two words.

First blood. First blood. First blood.

The child leaned forward and opened its mouth to reveal multiple rows of razor sharp teeth. It bit into the behemoth and tore a chunk of flesh from its hide. Pain ended the giant’s slumber and it started thrashing around in a crazed panic, releasing trails of blood from its head. The surrounding creatures began swimming in and out of the blood-infused water, breathing in the dark red clouds.

The blood sent the creatures into a frenzy, each exiting the clouded water with blank black eyes and razor teeth bared. Within moments the behemoth was completely shrouded within a billowing crimson cloud. The blood could do nothing to obscure the sounds emanating from within. I covered my ears in a vain attempt to block out sounds of teeth gnashing bone and a desperate dying wail.

As the behemoth’s bones drifted back into the chasm the creatures returned to their circular formation and began a new chant.

Davuun om-bah un, ah oomah unaboon;
Woo-nu bah kooma bu davuun um-bah oon!
Davuun om-bah un, ah oomah unaboon;
Woo-nu bah kooma bu davuun um-bah oon!

Horrified, I turned to flee only to find myself face to face with the child-creature. I closed my eyes and waited for a second frenzy to begin. The expected attack never came, replaced instead by a chanting voice. A voice I could not only understand, but recognized as my own.

Devour the children, one after another;
So we can attract and devour their mother!

– The Dreamwalker